Professor Ramon Varcoe

Venous Disease & Procedures

Veins are blood vessels that allow blood to pass from the periphery back to the heart. They do this against gravity with the aid of one-way valves. If these valves become dysfunctional, blood can pool around the ankles and calves leading to problems.

Venous dysfunction leads to raised pressure in the superficial veins of the leg and may present in a number of ways; including swelling, aching, skin discolouration, varicose veins or even ulcers. The appearance of the veins or any of these symptoms may be significant enough to warrant treatment, a large number of options for which may exist for any one leg.

Compression stockings may control the venous pressures but can be hot and difficult to apply. Traditionally venous stripping has been used to remove the problematic vein however this is now being replaced by less invasive forms of treatment such as Venaseal adhesive, radiofrequency ablation, laser and foam sclerotherapy.

Professor Varcoe performs all forms of treatment, with the exception of micro-sclerotherapy for spider veins, and can decide on the best practice venous surgery for you. Furthermore, he has the largest experience in medical adhesive venous ablation (Venaseal therapy) in Australia with outstanding results comparable to highest international standards.

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