Professor Ramon Varcoe


About the Practice

All consultations take place in Suite 8, Level 7 Prince of Wales Private Hospital. At the first visit it is important to bring a medical referral and your Medicare card. You may be asked by our staff or your referring doctor to undergo preliminary investigations prior to the initial consultation to streamline the process and facilitate timely delivery of care.

At the first consultation Professor Varcoe will ask a number of questions related to your symptoms, as well as your background medical history, regular medications and then perform a physical examination. It is helpful to bring along a list of past and present illnesses as well as medications and any relevant x-rays so that all information is at hand. This consultation may be followed by further, directed investigations to confirm the diagnosis, which will be organized by Professor Varcoe’s assistant.

A follow up consultation then takes place whereby all information is distilled and presented in simple terms free of medical jargon in conjunction with a recommended treatment plan. This may be as simple as an alteration to a dressing’s regime, as complicated as a major operation or as reassuring as ongoing surveillance for your condition.

Family and friends are most welcome to accompany you and correspondence is promptly returned to all doctors and nurses involved in your care, after every appointment.

Procedures are performed at Prince of Wales Public and Private Hospitals. The private hospital has recently custom built one of the world’s most advanced hybrid operating rooms which assists Professor Varcoe to deliver your care at the highest level. The hospital rooms at Prince of Wales Private Hospital have been recently refurbished making them extremely comfortable.


Professor Varcoe has a personal assistant, Elena who can be contacted from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. She is a valuable source of information and will coordinate all of your appointments, investigations, procedures and follow-up.